What Men Misunderstand About Interacting With Women (Patterns)

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What men misunderstand about interacting with women. You’ll receive a range of responses if you ask a group of women what communication mistakes guys make. The majority of women are accustomed to feeling irritated and perplexed by men’s communication patterns, and they are well aware that conversing with people of different sexes can occasionally feel like speaking in two different languages.

So what problems are at stake here? Well, when it comes to male and female communication, there are two key problems that cause a lot of the gaps, misunderstandings, and frustrations.

1. Men believe that women communicate in the same manner as men

First, a lot of males approach communication the same way irrespective of the gender of their interlocutor. Meaning that they believe their methods of speaking to other males would work similarly when speaking to women. However, they will still place the same importance on the same aspects of communication.

For example, many guys may intentionally self-edit while speaking to women, employing a less macho and jocular lexicon, for example, with such a female coworker than like a male one. Put out the fire, repair the hole, save the kitten: these are just a few of the problems that men seek to solve, according to Barrett, “Women place a high value on communicating and exploring their feelings.”

They perceive the objective as having a meaningful dialogue. Women view emotional exchange as a goal in and of itself. In summary, a guy will be at a disadvantage while chatting to a woman if he lacks the capacity to recognize and explain emotions. He will unknowingly miss out on vital parts of the discourse while wearing blinders.

2. Men downplay the significance of female communication methods

The second issue is that, although though some men are aware that it is possible to focus emotions during a discussion, they don’t think it is worthwhile or significant. According to Metzman, “we all have similar wants.” Men are only encouraged to suppress theirs.

Men are supposedly educated to be the sensible gender since communication entails problem-solving, whereas women just chitchat emotionally without trying to solve anything. I get the impression that this is merely a cover for maintaining the status quo, a means for males to avoid getting too close since doing so would make them feel too feminine, which is frowned upon in our culture.

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How to Get Better at Speaking to Women

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1. Work on showing her respect

You should address the potential that you may have ingrained sexist views before even considering how to grow better at this type of communication. That’s not to argue that you’re a chauvinist pig or a sexist monster, but rather that women have traditionally had less power and been treated with less respect in our culture.

These attitudes might be challenging to unlearn as adults because they are passed down to both men and women during childhood. “We must first eradicate the prevalent, covert, unfavorable views against women,” says Metzman. Before we can have greater communication between men and women. It is difficult to accomplish, but it is a crucial step toward improved communication. And how does that actually appear, you ask?

According to Metzman, “a man must be attentive to what his spouse says, not touch the TV remote during her speech.” If he appears to be listening and it’s a problem he can’t address, he has to remind himself that her feelings matter and are just as significant as his. He needs to let go of the need to dominate or outdo her.

what men misunderstand - melek cinta - literasi pasangan

2. Become a better listener

Listening before speaking is the first stage in effective communication. So, the most important thing to do is to practice listening. While it won’t happen overnight, if you’re aware that you want to get better at listening, you can make a sincere effort to work on it every day.

“Women want guys who can relate to them emotionally, so listening is the first step”, advises Barrett. Pay attention. Refrain from making suggestions until she feels heard. Pose compassionate inquiries. Tell her that you are sympathetic. That includes wanting to listen as well. In other words, you should develop a curiosity in her feelings and thoughts.

Jor-El Caraballo, a relationship therapist and co-founder of Viva Wellness, advises, “Focus on investigating.” Ask additional inquiries. Ask questions about your partner’s requirements. Your communication skills will be greatly aided by taking the time to truly listen in order to comprehend rather than responding.

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what men misunderstand - melek cinta - literasi pasangan

3. Resist the Necessity to Fix Things

When a woman is discussing an issue with a man, a common error many men do is to interrupt her. Your initial reaction could be to try to solve that problem if you’re the literal-minded, goal-oriented type of man. But if that’s what she wants, she would have specifically asked for assistance in solving the issue at hand in the chat.

If she says, “I’m experiencing this difficulty,” as opposed to something else, she’s probably searching for sympathy and assistance. “Men hear things physically, but we have to hear things emotionally to properly relate with women,” explains Barrett.

If your girlfriend is having a problem at work, don’t jump in and try to solve it for her. First, pay attention and express sincere pity. Play the ear. Stop trying to assist me and simply listen, as a girlfriend once advised me after a long, tough day she had preparing for the MCATs.

what men misunderstand - melek cinta - literasi pasangan

4. Observe the subtext.

Women are often encouraged to use subtext while speaking, unlike males. Women frequently avoid expressing their true feelings out loud since doing so might be perceived as being aggressive, unpleasant, or domineering. As a result, knowing subtext is crucial when speaking to women.

According to Caraballo, this relationship is the cause of many common male/female conversational misunderstandings and frustrations, such as the classic example of does this make me seem fat. If it occurs frequently, you can remark, “are you truly asking me if I look obese”, or “are you seeking a different response?” He says.

She could desire to appear beautiful to you at that particular time, and you wouldn’t necessarily know that until you asked the more direct question, odds are. In other words, you may significantly improve your ability to connect with women if you focus on your capacity to analyze questions that have a deeper meaning than their literal one.

Share issues from the ‘I’ perspective while speaking with your spouse, advises Caraballo. Rather of stating, “You did X” and “Why did you do Y?.” Try using the personal pronoun “I” and saying, “I felt hurt when you did X” or “I felt so frustrated and confused when you did Y” rather than using the pronoun “you” which encourages defensive behavior.

This can help prevent misunderstandings and show patience and compassion instead of making your communication seem like an attack on their persona or character. Although not all men and not all women express themselves in the same manner, it is difficult to deny that some forms of communication are more frequently associated with one gender than another.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with how you communicate as a male, but you and the women you’re talking with may save a lot of difficulty if you can recognize how women approach communication and the ways it differs from the way you’re used to.

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