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The Difference In Making Love Versus Having Sex

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The difference in making love versus having sex. Having sex is a sexual activity that involves only physical activity. Meanwhile, making love combines sexual activities involving physical, emotional, feelings, and communication.

Having sex refers to a physical interaction that results in sexual pleasure, release, and satisfaction. Making love embodies all of these while also highlighting the intense emotional link, tenderness, and mutual relationship that form between loving partners. 

  • Having sex usually happens by desire alone. The sign of desire (when having sexual intercourse) does not communicate, and wants to play immediately. It just wants to be satisfied.
  • Making love will feel intimacy and comfort. The closer the feelings are to the partner, the more intimate the partner is. As a result, not only sexual satisfaction arises, but also emotional satisfaction.

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Comparing having sex versus making love

making love versus having sex - insight romantis tempatnya belajar cinta

About having sex

  • Refers to a physical interaction that results in sexual pleasure, release, and satisfaction.
  • A partner can be with a loved one or someone else.
  • As for emotions, If you’re in a casual relationship. Emotions may not always exist.
  • As for actions, only about sexual acts.
  • For relationships: mostly short-term, one-night stands that sometimes lead to marriage or long-term commitment.

About making love

  • Be intimate, as well as the intense emotional link that forms between loving partners is emphasized when making love.
  • A partner with a loved one.
  • As for emotions, there are feelings involved, which are frequently more enjoyable because you are making someone you care about happy.
  • As for actions, acting in a sexual and emotional manner.
  • For relationships: Long-term relationship.

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If it’s explained between making love versus having sex

making love versus having sex - insight romantis tempatnya belajar cinta


Having sex is any sexual activity that takes place between two people. This is true regardless of whether they have a romantic relationship or any other connection.

  • While making love displays an affectionate mood connected to sexual activity.
  • While having sex is only a sexual impulse, making love also entails being intimate with your spouse both physically and psychologically.

It is not necessary for one to have sex with their spouse, lover, or other special someone. It may also refer to unguarded sex with anybody.

While having sex with a partner, spouse, or other person you love is typically referred to as “making love”, with someone you care about or are emotionally attached to, to put it simply.


There is typically little feeling between the pair and having sex doesn’t go beyond sexual activity. Making love on the other hand, causes emotional connection, including infatuation in the early stages of a relationship.

Sharing triumphs above all intimacy. Additionally, some claim that having sex is not an expression of love but making love is because there may not be any love present.

Relationship Desires

Making love may sate a person’s physical, emotional, sexual, and mental desires whereas having sex may just fulfill a person’s sexual want. It may be argued that while making love involves other impulses as well, having sex is just limited to a physical act.


Some people can also think that making love is when they engage in gentle, sensitive sexual activity as opposed to having sex, which is seen to be hasty and quick.

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