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Makes a Men Excellent in Bed, Look for These Characteristics

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What makes a men excellent in bed? You may have wondered about it or you may not have given the idea any attention at all. Despite the fact that sex is subjective, some individuals are still better at it than others, regardless of which statement best describes you.

Being excellent in bed is actually more about what you’re delivering to your partner than anything else, whether you’re obsessed with that concept or not. Neither your penis size nor a talent that some people possess vs others are relevant.

Being excellent in bed is a function of the “three Gs” – being good, giving, and game, as famously stated by sex writer, Dan Savage. While each of those is significant:

  • How about a fourth G?
  • What if a sex god was in bed?
  • Not only excellent, but legendary?
  • Someone who future lovers would desire and former lovers will miss?

Once more, how you treat the person you’re with is more important than your physical appearance or dick size.

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Discover which seven bedroom characteristics will make you a sex god by reading on (and how many you possess)

makes a men excellent - blog edukasi cinta tempatnya belajar cinta

1. Creative lover

The creative lover encourages their companion to try new things. This trait ensures that your companion never gets bored

Someone who doesn’t become stuck in one idea of what sex can be is a creative lover. A penis in a vagina on a mattress is one possibility, but other possibilities include a penis in a hand in the restroom, a mouth on a vagina at the beach, or an image of a penis on a screen.

For a passionate partner, sex may be anything. All of that enjoyment comes from exploring, not repeatedly taking the same path.

2. Lack of fear

The Fearless Lover: Accepts their partner’s advice and is willing to attempt it. This characteristic ensures that your spouse won’t become angry

Fearlessness is the antithesis of creativity. A spouse who constantly suggests novel ideas and pushes the boundaries can be a lot of fun, but that partner must occasionally be willing to take a backseat. Hey, let’s try anything you want this time,” is a statement that involves humility, flexibility (sometimes literally), and a lack of fear.

The can seem intimidating, but a sex God is up for the task. That doesn’t imply you’re doing things you don’t want to do; it just means you’re open to sometimes expanding your list of priorities if someone else requests it.

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makes a men excellent - blog edukasi cinta tempatnya belajar cinta

3. Constancy

The long-lasting enthusiast: has a lot of stamina. Sex lasts longer than a blink when this quality is present

No one is advocating that sex must linger all night, but the likelihood that both participants will experience an orgasm is quite slim if sex lasts only a few minutes. It’s not necessary for you to be a high-cardio muscle guy who works out for an hour every time, but you should be prepared to make an effort to make sure your partner is as happy as you are.

  • Usually climaxes really quickly? Enhance your oral skills.
  • Lacking the stamina for long sessions? Let your spouse take the lead.

You’ll be well on your way to being a sex god if you can find out how to make it work so that the sex lasts.

4. Focus on Detail

Doing everything perfectly without your permission, the detail-oriented lover. Your spouse will feel cared for if you possess this quality

The smallest nuances may determine whether you succeed or fail in life, and the same is true while you’re in bed.

  • Do you know where on their body they get tingling specifically?
  • Even if you do not know, where is the clitoris?
  • How about the proper quantity of lubrication, amount of foreplay, or depth of penetration?

You may up your sex game by being interested about what works and what doesn’t, memorizing it, and using what you learn. The first step is to give attention to such specifics.

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makes a men excellent - blog edukasi cinta tempatnya belajar cinta

5. Laughter

Takes sex lightly and is the playful lover. This trait ensures that your spouse doesn’t become anxious

Have you ever seen someone delivering a speech and almost passing out from anxiousness. In addition to being terrible to witness, you can find yourself sharing some of their concern.

  • Any more fun if you take that inside the bedroom?

Someone who is at ease enough to be fun makes an excellent lover. That entails smiling through tiny setbacks because you’re having fun rather than being totally focused on achieving a certain objective.

  • Does a novel sex position you’ve attempted not go as planned?
  • Do your efforts at roleplaying fail?

The sex Instead of panicking, sex god maintains his cheerful demeanor, takes a drink, and then immediately dives back in.

6. Charitability

The generous lover prioritizes the needs of their companion. Your companion will want to return if they possess this quality

Regardless of how crucial they are, all of the aforementioned qualities would be meaningless without this one. A generous lover is one who sincerely cares about their partner’s pleasure, and this can manifest itself in a variety of ways.

Some individuals view it as a person who will grant all of their requests. For others, it’s someone who won’t accept no as an answer and will tie them up. It matters most that they get what they desire.

  • Can you hold off on fulfilling your own wishes long enough to consider what the other person wants?

Many men still haven’t learned how, which causes them to be awful in bed, if not outright breaching the other person’s permission. A discussion where one person isn’t listening isn’t a conversation at all, and good sex is an exchange.

7. Sexiness

The lustful lover displays how sexified they are by their significant other. This Characteristic makes your spouse feel attractive

The ability to prioritize your partner is crucial, but genuinely next-level sex is even more crucial. the world’s best lovers also understand when and how to seize power. If someone complies with all of your requests but never shows enthusiasm for doing so, this will soon lose its appeal.

Nothing is more seductive, in the eyes of many, than sensing how much someone else wants you. The finest lovers in the world make their partners feel like chocolate-coated sexual dynamite by demonstrating to them how amazing it is to have sex with them by their actions, words, and guttural grunts and sigh of pleasure.

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