He is Financially Ready for Married and Start a Family

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He is financially ready for married and start a family. Being financially ready doesn’t mean you have to be rich, successful, or well-established to ask her to marry you.

It doesn’t mean that you invite her to marry you without good financial readiness. This readiness concerns the future of your relationship and financial stability in your household in the future.

Marriage is not just a legitimate origin, a matter of a luxurious wedding party, or a shortcut to get out of all your life problems.

Getting married means that you have to be ready physically and mentally to live your role as a life partner for your husband or wife. Getting married is the same as you growing up together, one of which is financial planning in line with common goals in your marriage.

You who intend to start a family. Marriage readiness is not only a matter of love and financial readiness, but there are other factors that must be considered carefully as well, such as:

  • Compatibility of views of life and lifestyle.
  • Relationship commitment.
  • Equality of belief, especially religion.
  • Family’s background.
  • Mental readiness.

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Here are 3 signs he is financially ready for married and start a family

he is financially ready for married

1. He has his own source of income

This first point is non-negotiable. Make sure before marriage he is not a lazy person and already has his own source of income. He is no longer dependent on his parents.

He was able to be independent to meet all the needs of his own life. This is important because after marriage there are situations where you have to share living expenses with your partner.

he is financially ready for married

2. Have knowledge of family financial management

This is still closely related to the first point above, his lifestyle is extravagant or not, also his responsibility to manage his own money can be seen from his financial planning.

He has good financial planning knowledge, so he can make financial planning so that there is no bite off more than you can chew that ends up getting into debt.

He is also not confused about setting aside his income for short, medium, and long term family finances. Examples include savings, investments, emergency funds, funds for hobbies that do not interfere with their savings, and funds to improve their lifestyle.

You and he have good knowledge of family financial management. Both of you can be disciplined to manage finances that have been arranged according to expenses and income posts.

For example, monthly expenses, paying bills, social activities, family vacations, and others. Because many divorce cases start with money problems, such as lack of income, debt problems, or mismanagement of the household budget.

he is financially ready for married

3. He can open up to you about financial management

Both of you must understand that after marriage you must be open in terms of managing family finances. This is important to build and cherish in your marriage. After marriage, both of you must be ready to accept and share the burden with your partner.

For example, how big is your source of income, where does your source of income come from, how you both use money as a couple, and what percentage of your income is allocated for your living needs and other expenses. Talk about it all with your partner.

Don’t think about hiding or giving false information about finances to your partner after marriage. There’s nothing wrong with letting your partner manage your money, if you’re one of those people who can’t manage finances well.

Getting married means that you both act as a unit of life and the same purpose in life. The foundation of a lasting marriage requires discipline and trust, especially the use of money together.

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