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Don’t Blame Women For Feeling Less Manly

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Don’t blame women for feeling less manly. Male masculinity is not the responsibility of women because men have the authority to decide for themselves who they want to be. If a man cheats on his partner and uses the inequality of their social status as the reason.

Just because independent women can do and get anything for their own hard work, then men feel inferior because they feel they are no longer needed as a man.

It is not a woman’s responsibility to make a man feel like he is fully a man. It’s not the woman’s achievements or possessions that are the problem, it’s that the man himself has given up on the relationship.

Don’t blame women for feeling less manly it’s not women’s job

don't blame women for feeling less manly - melek cinta tempatnya belajar cinta gratis

A man who still has the ways of thinking and behaving described above is no different than a fragile reflection of toxic masculinity. These men strongly subscribe to traditional social norms that state men as the dominant party who must always be superior to women.

The funny thing is that advertisements and other representations in various media also often reproduce this traditional social norm by putting pressure on boys to be successful in the public sphere and more educated than girls.

What happens? When men are confronted by women who are more successful, independent or intelligent. The man will feel threatened. Quite often, his masculinity is threatened because the desire to be dominant is not fulfilled.

The man will seek validation by looking for other women who are not more successful than his partner. This is a strong reason for men to have an affair. This mindset allows men to be aggressive towards women, such as harassment.

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Be a man with flexible masculine traits

don't blame women for feeling less manly - melek cinta tempatnya belajar cinta gratis

Male masculinity is not the responsibility of women. It is not a woman’s job to make a man feel like a complete man. Because men are beings who are sovereign, empowered, and independent over themselves.

Men have the freedom and ability to determine their own values without having to rely on the judgment and contributions of others. Men who are raised with the demand to be financially and career independent. Like women, they also have the same demands to be responsible for their own lives.

Unfortunately, society tends to interpret the values of masculinity rigidly. Society tends to put more values such as being independent, career and financially stable, as well as strong and unemotional as indicators of a masculine man.

This is not to talk about more specific masculinities such as age, place of residence, social class, and sexual orientation and expression. The reality is that not all men have the ability to achieve or fulfill the standards of masculinity that exist in society.

When a man fails to meet the demands of his family and environment, he will vent his disappointment on people he considers as his rivals. In other words, men will take it out on the independent women who become their partners.

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Because toxic masculinity only breeds misogyny

don't blame women for feeling less manly - melek cinta tempatnya belajar cinta gratis

Men who have toxic masculinity will contribute to the birth of misogyny. Men who are reluctant to recognize women’s self-authority as equal parties. He will create standards or indicators that are not humanized according to his wishes.

In other words, misogyny is a social system where women face unfavorable and hateful treatment from masculine men. These men consider women who can be financially and career independent as not acting according to their nature.

This means that women should be subordinate to men in patriarchal cultural standards. In other words, misogyny can be called misogyny. Unfortunately, patriarchal culture not only harms women, but also men are victimized.

Men are always required to be more successful, more established, more stronger, and more capable financially and career-wise than women. This patriarchal practice does not realize that every man has unique characteristics and limitations that cannot be equated by society’s standards.

What happens to men who fail to meet society’s standards? Of course, men will be shamed, even considered a disgrace to society. If the woman who is his partner is more successful financially or career-wise, then the woman will be hated by the man who is his partner.

If a man can understand the flexible division of gender roles in his relationship. A successful woman can also take on the role of providing for the family. Both can work together in domestic matters. The marriage can grow optimally and harmoniously rather than having to impose masculine standards that burden men.

If you are a man who feels less manly or less masculine. Don’t blame the woman who is your partner. But improve yourself by improving your quality. No need to follow rigid masculine standards.

Be the best version of yourself. Be a masculine man who can humanize women

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