Aya Kito’s Diary Don’t Give Up No Matter How Hard Life Is

Aya Kito's Diary

Aya Kito’s diary known as “1 Litre No Namida” is also known as “1 Litre of Tears” or “A Diary with Tears.” The young girl who taught us to never give up, keep fighting no matter how hard life is.

This is reflected in Aya Kito’s writings written in her diary, “I write because writing is evidence that I am still alive”, or “I had a dream and in it l was running freely and I was walking. But I had another dream and in it I was in wheelchair. I thought I had accepted me for who I am now.”

If you feel you are having bad luck or your problem is considered the most severe. Look outside there are still many people who are in worse condition, but they are still strong enough to endure it.

Aya Kito’s diary (19 July 1962 – 23 May 1988) was published shortly before her death. The struggle of a 15 year old young girl who is fighting Spinocerebellar Ataxia or decreased nerve function caused by damage to the cerebellum tissue or spinal cord.

Spinocerebellar Ataxia is a group of hereditary ataxia symptoms that are caused by degenerative changes in the cerebellum of the brain and spinal cord. Ataxia is a disorder in the coordination of limbs, especially gait.

The cerebellum is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling body movement. Disorders of this part of the brain cause disturbances in body movement.

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Aya Kito’s Diary a young girl who teaches us to never give up and keep fighting no matter how hard life is

Aya Kito's Diary Don't Give Up No Matter How Hard Life Is
From Japanese drama, 1 Litre No Namida (image: spcnet.tv)

The story of Aya Kito was also made into a Japanese drama with the same title “1 Litre No Namida” or “Ichi ritoru no namida” which was aired by Fuji TV in 2005. Aya Kito’s name in the drama was changed to Aya Ikeuchi’s name. In the drama, there is an element of romance between Aya Ikeuchi and Haruto Asou, which in the diary there is no love story.

Originally Aya Kito wrote this diary for herself. He can pour out all his heart and what he thinks. On May 23, 1988, Aya Kito died at the age of 25. The diary that changed many people tells of Aya Kito’s struggles against a rare disease that caused her to lose control of her entire body from the age of 15 to 25.

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A few quotes from Aya Kito’s diary that not only brought courage in Japan, but also to many people around the world

Aya Kito's Diary Don't Give Up No Matter How Hard Life Is
Aya Kito’s (image: goodreads.com)

Aya Kito’s diary has a message to never give up, no matter how hard life is.

  • “I write because writing is evidence that I am still alive”
  • “I had a dream and in it l was running freely and I was walking. But I had another dream and in it I was in wheelchair. I thought I had accepted me for who I am now”
  • “If I am a flower, I will sprout. I want to cherish the beginning of my young days without regrets”
  • “Mom from the bottom of my heart, I know that you will always believe in me. Someday I will trouble you again. I’m sorry for only bringing you trouble mom.”
  • “Why was I chosen to have this disease? I can’t take words all this is fate”
  • “I want to build a time machine so I can go back in time. If I didn’t have this disease I might have found love. The longing to hug someone is unbearable”
  • “I won’t talk anymore about wanting to be able to go back in time. I will accept who I am today. I will live”
  • “The past will never be erased from everyone’s memory”
  • “I realized even though there would be cruel stares that hurt me, but there would be an equal number of people who cared so I won’t run. One day I’ll be able to get through it.”
  • “I may just be a nuisance to everyone. I may not be someone others can rely on”
  • “I love the sound of the ball echoing through the gym. The silence of the classroom after class ends. The view from the window. The sound of the wooden floors in the hallway, the chatter in class. I love all that”
  • “I still want to live here even though this is the place where I belong. I really thank my friends for treating me as a normal person”
  • “Bitter experience is the road to maturity. If we manage to get through it, amazing things will appear”
  • “I really love this family. I feel like if you’re with me I’ll be fine wherever I go”
  • “It’s okay if you fall? You can always stand up again. If I look up at the sky when I fall even today. I can see a limited smile stretching across the blue sky. I’m alive”
  • “Instead of living in the past, we should focus on doing everything we can in the present”
  • “I hate how every time I think about the past. I start to cry. Reality is too cruel, too strong. I can’t even dream, thinking about the future will only bring tears. What is the purpose of my life?”
  • “I’m so scared if I don’t write down how I feel now. Tomorrow I might forget and I’ll disappear into nothingness. My diary is my proof that I’m still alive and it was my mother who found the reason for me to live”
  • “Because we go through various experiences. Some are sweet, but not a little bit bitter. In every experience, our emotions are also involved in it. That is why life is a struggle of the soul. If we live without regrets, a good future will not come. will come true”
  • “Don’t be impatient or greedy, never give up. Everyone should walk slowly. I’m not the only one suffering, incomprehensible can’t understand. Both choices are pathetic”
  • “Mother… I can’t walk anymore. Even if I try to hold on to something, I still can’t stand up.”
  • “Mom can I get married? That’s what I thought, but even if I can’t finally when the time comes. I want to rest completely surrounded by flowers”
  • “You are always there to cheer me up. You always listen to things I can’t tell others. When I’m depressed you make me laugh. You’re always by my side, whenever my heart hurts. You’re always there for me, thank you mother”

Thank you for reading this article. Through Aya Kito’s inspirational writings, we can imitate her spirit not to give up and we can imitate her spirit of not giving up easily and continue to struggle with this life.

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